Living in the Pacific Northwest, I’m constantly reminded of how beautiful nature can be. Christina and Geoff’s Portland elopement encompassed everything I love about this area. This time of year is near the end of the “wet” season where all the plant life is wonderfully lush. The moss, oh my god the moss, is so vibrant with color and so thick it feels like walking on a sponge layered ground. The forecast called for 100% rain but what we got was one of the most magical days I’d experienced since living here. They had their ceremony in the ruins of an old stone house sweetly tucked away in the woods. Following we explored around the Columbia Gorge  and ended at the ever amazing Wachlella Falls. I’m pretty dang excited to shoot more of these small weddings this year. Also you can head to Green Wedding Shoes to see their sweet feature. Small Wedding 61Small Wedding 111Small Wedding 10Small Wedding 9Small Wedding 20Small Wedding 16Christina+Geoff-110Small Wedding 22Small Wedding 23Small Wedding 24Small Wedding 26Small WeddingSmall Wedding 6Small Wedding 8Small Wedding 29Small Wedding 31Small Wedding 34Small Wedding 37Small Wedding 47Small Wedding 48Small Wedding 49Small Wedding 55Small Wedding 58Small Wedding 139Small Wedding 68Small Wedding 79 Small Wedding 77Small Wedding 70Small Wedding 73Small Wedding 76 Small Wedding 98 Small Wedding 94Small Wedding 89Small Wedding 91Small Wedding 99Small Wedding 103 Small Wedding 108Small Wedding 110Small Wedding 113 Small Wedding 115Small Wedding 118Small Wedding 119Small Wedding 121 Small Wedding 132Small Wedding 133Small Wedding 138Small Wedding 137Small Wedding 135 Beautiful floral by Selva Floral Design

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