Seattle Friends // Portraits of awesome people.

April 4, 2012

Like I said in the last post, this trip to Seattle was pretty amazing. Aside from shooting a rad wedding, I got to meet and hang out with some incredible people. These people I had only known from twitter and facebook, I finally got to hang with in real life. It’s a good feeling. These are some of the most genuine, hilarious, down to earth people I’ve ever met. I can’t wait till I live on this side of the planet and get to hang out on the reg. Meet my new friends.


Catherine Abegg was kind enough to host me during the trip. Pretty sure I couldn’t have stayed with a cooler family. Chantal, who’s also an insane wedding photographer, met up for drinks and engagement photos. The evening ended in the weirdest/best possible way when this guy joined us.

Catherine AbeggCatherine Abegg Seattle Travel Portrait 02Chantal Andrea 01Chantal Andrea 02


Then I met up with these two love cakes. Nicest souls I ever did meet.


After a night of jokes, top chef pizza, coffee flavored crack ice cream, 90’s kareoke/dance party, me and this little lady went out to shoot for a bit. She’s a baller photographer and pretty dang gorg. Meet Tonhya.

We decided to be emo and stop at this graveyard for photos. 1st frame..As soon as we sit down.. “Hey theres a car coming, act like we’re mourning……K it’s gone, ready, model.”Portland Portrait Photography

And a few polaroids…

I miss you guys.


Wicked pics man. Found you by searching Polaroid 600 film. 🙂

Que hermosas fotografías, saludos desde México!

Wow. Wonderful stuff. Seems to be a melting pot for great shooters, Ohio. Might come taste the water :).

dibs on getting in on the action next time. glad you got to meet some of the locals 🙂

epic portraits . really beautifully done

damn dude! these are killer!

dudeeee so much goodness. Thanks for it all Philicious.

Yessss. these are sweet!!!

Looks like so much fun! You should do Texas next, k? These look great, man 🙂

Bummed I missed you Phil. Twas a busy weekend. next time fo sho!

Also, s/o to CAbegg!!

seattle, land of rain and beautiful people.

That BRUNCH! Hahahahaha. What a mess.

what a bunch of sexy ladies… miss you, phil! come back soon!!! xo.

Awesome portraits, dude. Love these.

i’ve always wanted to shoot in a graveyard, never had the balls. these are all just real awesome. seattle pals FTW