Sometimes couples leave it up to me to choose the locations for their portraits or engagement sessions. Which is awesome because I can custom tailor the awesome-ness to the couple. Other times my they know exactly what they want, and when Allison and Cody said, Phil, we’d freakin’ love to have our engagement photos taken up on Rattlesnake Ridge, I just smiled and said, done and done. I’m sure you’re familiar with this magical spot if you live in the Seattle area, as it’s one of the most popular hikes within a really short driving distance from the city. It’s home to one of the most epic view points in the PNW. We knew the spot would be extra crowded with people on a Sunday so we decided to rise before the sun and claim the lookout point as our own. Sometimes waking up at 5am for an engagement session has it’s perks. Allison and Cody…. Press Play.   [audio:]   Seattle Engagement PhotographersRattlesnake Ridge Engagement-2portland-portrait-photographer001Seattle Engagement Photographers 01portland-portrait-photographer002portland-portrait-photographer003Seattle Engagement Photographers 02Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-13Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-31Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-33Mountain Engagement Photos 02Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-34Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-36Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-37Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-38Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-39Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-41Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-43Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-19portland-portrait-photographer006Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-48Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-45Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-46Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-47portland-portrait-photographer007Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-52Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-53Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement-54

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