Rustic Outdoor Wedding // Sarah+Leigh // Mountain Wedding

September 15, 2014

Rustic Outdoor Wedding

It’s pretty wild that I ended up booking two weddings in Canada, both in the rockies, on back to back weekends, both weddings being amazing, and the couples didn’t know each other at all. Sarah and Leigh are such wonderful humans. Sarah is a photographer and Leigh is a designer. Cut those two traits loose at a teepee campground in the mountains and the result is the magic you see below. Teepee’s, a sweet little pug they named Tiesto, the best desert table I’ve ever seen, and the perfect integration of their personal tastes and their rustic outdoor wedding theme. I’ll never forget my first real Canadian experience over these two weeks, it definitely wont be the last. Their wedding as was also recently featured on the wonderful Green Wedding Shoes.

Sarah + Leigh.


Press Play.



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So stoked to see you shooting up in Canada–this wedding (as well as the previous camping wedding) is killer!!
Does anyone know which campsite this is?? Thanks so much!

these are absolutely magical. wow.

This is so awesome–looks like an incredibly fun and creative couple!

nailed it. thanks for having me along!

whoa this wedding must’ve been a dream to shoot. so beautifully articulated.

Killer work as always, Phil.