July 10, 2012

Portland Portrait Photographer // Willinghams // Denver Session

Every time I visit a new city, I make it a mission to link up with other creatives. Especially those who I’ve been “digital friends” with for so long. When I booked my flight for Denver to shoot an engagement session, I hit up Drew and Angela to see if they’d be down to hang and shoot some portraits. They were. And they were awesome. They’re also pretty rad wedding photographers themselves. We strolled around the neighborhood, hopping out at random spots that caught my eye, stopped at a killer coffee shop, then stumbled upon my dream VW bus who’s owner was cool enough to let us shoot inside. All in all it was an absolutely perfect ending to my already wonderful trip out here. Ladies and gentlemen, the Willinghams.


Denver Colorado Portraits 01Denver Colorado Portraits 02Denver Colorado Portraits 03Denver Colorado Portraits 04Denver Colorado Portraits 05Denver Colorado Portraits 06Denver Colorado Portraits 07Denver Colorado Portraits 08Denver Colorado Portraits 09Denver Colorado Portraits 10Denver Colorado Portraits 11Denver Colorado Portraits 12Denver Colorado Portraits 13Denver Colorado Portraits 14Denver Colorado Portraits 15Denver Colorado Portraits 16Denver Colorado Portraits 17Denver Colorado Portraits 19Denver Colorado Portraits 20Denver Colorado Portraits 21Denver Colorado Portraits 22Denver Colorado Portraits 23Denver Colorado Portraits 25Denver Colorado Portraits 27Denver Colorado Portraits 28Denver Colorado Portraits 29Denver Colorado Portraits 30Denver Colorado Portraits 31Denver Colorado Portraits 32Denver Colorado Portraits 33Denver Colorado Portraits 34Denver Colorado Portraits 35Denver Colorado Portraits 36


jeff marsh


15:23 July 10, 2012

Drew W

Daddy fucking long legs! These are awesome dude! Thank you so much for hanging out and getting these RAD shots of us.

15:29 July 10, 2012

Kat Braman

this one slays me http://www.philchester.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/4A5A8603.jpg well done!

15:38 July 10, 2012

christian gideon

holy shit guys. so damn good.

15:40 July 10, 2012

Amber Z

So rad!

15:50 July 10, 2012

Emily Porter

Dude, when are you moving away from Columbus? We need to hit you up for pics while you're still 2 hours away instead of a million.

16:00 July 10, 2012

Emily Porter

Also, these are AMAZING. Love Drew & Angela!!!!

16:01 July 10, 2012

benj haisch


16:09 July 10, 2012

lydia {ever ours}

no. 35 is my fave. nice ones, phil!

16:20 July 10, 2012


the full chester providing quiet moments like it's going out of style.

16:48 July 10, 2012

Tim Sondrup

A perfect session!

17:09 July 10, 2012

Jesse Pafundi

holy shitballs.

17:35 July 10, 2012

Andria Lindquist

she is so badass. love the weaving of them with the architecture. rockin that 24 hard.

18:39 July 10, 2012

Tracy Morter

Ridiculously hot!

21:29 July 10, 2012


You #willinghammered the Willinghams! Love these two. Good on you, Phil!

21:33 July 10, 2012

Paul Krol

Awesome work! Love the way the pictures look and feel.

21:54 July 10, 2012

Brian Furbush

These are fantastic dude!

23:16 July 10, 2012


OH MY GOODNESS. I just adore these photos of Angela and Drew so RAWRsome!

20:59 July 11, 2012


spotted the sube. killer

00:43 July 12, 2012


Awesome work Phil! I especially love #29 and #35.

19:02 July 13, 2012


Are you kidding me these are insane nice work!

16:26 July 21, 2012

Julia Manchik

The van is a dream! And these two are gorgeous. Great job.

20:15 August 1, 2012

sachin khona


08:04 September 17, 2012


sick session. sick good. one of the coolest couple i've seen in a while. i dig your style phil... your eye, your comp, your colors and filter.. all of it! haha.. a new fan from cali!

13:43 January 15, 2013

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