January 27, 2013

Portland Portrait Photographer // Sean+Melanie


This weekend has been the best. Yesterday, Emily and I met up with my good friend Sean and his fiancé Melanie to roam around Portland and snap some photos of each other. No one had photographed them yet and no one had photographed us before, so that was kinda awesome. Being in front of the camera is actually pretty damn fun when you just feel like you’re hanging out with friends, I’m stoked to see what Sean captured of us. To explain the old man with the hula hoop.. so Emily is a hula hoop extraordinare enthusiast, so she ran back to the car to grab her hoop for photos. When she got back to us an older gentleman passed by, complimenting Emily’s fun spirit, so we asked him if he wanted to hoop it up. He did. And he loved it. Magic. After photos we grabbed some tacs at Robo Tacos then came home to watch the Blazer’s win an epic game. This weekend has been the best.





amanda vanvels

AHHHHHHHHHHH i screamed after so many of these

13:45 January 27, 2013

Dale Weeks

Beautiful! I love hula mans jacket and Melanie's jumper!

14:01 January 27, 2013



14:04 January 27, 2013


Nice shots. They really look like they're having a good time!

14:16 January 27, 2013


these have such a great and honest feel to them.

14:21 January 27, 2013

Daniel Muller

These are good. Like, really good.

14:25 January 27, 2013

Rob Dight

Mate this is so awesome. Had to show my wife! If you ever come to Ireland I'll book a shoot!!!!!!!

14:50 January 27, 2013



15:03 January 27, 2013


So much radness.. The wood wall shots are redic.

15:04 January 27, 2013


ah, phil! these are incredible! i can't wait to see Sean's...

15:44 January 27, 2013


unreal phil, unreal.

15:45 January 27, 2013


ah, they are totally adorable. wonderful work.

16:29 January 27, 2013


so much win!

16:39 January 27, 2013

sarah cusson

holy cow. I want that wood wall. and your talent.

18:31 January 27, 2013


Such great photos, I especially love the jumping one - maybe 'cos jumping photos is something also I take with my closest friends and it equals ultimate easy going fun. :) xx

23:28 January 27, 2013


this is so cool Phil!

03:37 January 30, 2013

julie harmsen

wonderful. she has such beautiful big deep blue eyes.

10:13 January 30, 2013


wow. love this series. especially the t/s ones :))

10:19 January 30, 2013

Rachael ~Marry Me Ink~

Gorgeous! What a fab couple.

10:24 January 30, 2013

Greg Hoskins

So so good.

10:58 January 30, 2013

Claudia Rose Carter

Awesome shots. Beautiful light. Love the simplistic beauty, the turn of a head or a quirk of clothing.

11:12 January 30, 2013

Emily Lapish

I love these. Winter shots rock my socks off. <--say that six times fast. Or slow for that matter.

11:51 January 30, 2013


Somehow that orange and blue vest looks really rad. I don't know how, but Sean totally rocks it. And Melanie looking beautiful as always. :-) Really great photos, Phil!

12:15 January 30, 2013


obscenity... obscenity.. OBSCENITY! Hot damn. You killed it.

22:24 January 31, 2013


beautiful photos! :)

09:43 February 3, 2013

whitney darling

so legit

13:56 February 4, 2013


Dude, these are crazy.

15:26 March 3, 2013



13:29 March 27, 2013

Iris and Light

We love you back, Phil. Seriously amazing work! Thanks for being so awesome!

02:18 April 3, 2013

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