This was more than just a portrait session to me. And don’t get me wrong, with every couple I photograph, it becomes very personal. I always strive to become close to my subjects and develop a relationship, that way our session transcendes that “photo session” feeling and turns more into a couple of friends hanging out. One of which, has a camera. It becomes very real and honest. I crave it. When I met the Gemmers for the first time, I felt like I was reunited with best friends I hadn’t seen in 28 years. Their infectious charm just has a way to warm up your spirit and make you smile. They’re already married but were looking to have some portraits done, especially to celebrate the fact that they’re bringing a new human into the world soon. Congrats you two! I don’t know if it’s Adams burly beard or the fact that they had a hand stitched wood hoop themed from the movie “UP” but they totally remind me of the couple from the movie. I thought I’d see a glass jar of savings that said “Paradise Falls” on it.   So we started in their house, to capture their home life. Shot a few frames of them in the room where their child will be in a matter of months. Then we set out on our adventure and headed to the gorge. It started pouring rain but we didn’t care. We just put up the back hatch to their volvo and let the sound of the rain set the mood. After a little adventuring we drove to the summit of the gorge where I had them read letters to each other explaining what it meant to them to be heading on this new journey with the other. I loved catching this on camera. It’s a wonderful moment to document, this time right before their first child is born and have them explain that to each other, it was beautiful. I didn’t listen to what they wrote each other but judging from the photos, I think it’s pretty clear. I love these two humans, a friendship from an old life that has been rekindled. Adam+Heather my friends….   [audio:|titles=Track 3]

in home portland portraits 01in home portland portraits 02standing in the soon to be nursery loading up the volvo driving to the columbia gorgeportland portrait sitting in the back of their volvoportland portrait photographer columbia gorgeportland photographer documents couple in their volvoportland photographer documents couple at the gorgeportland photographer documents couple inside their volvoPhil Chester Photography 01Phil Chester Photography 02Tattooed Couple standing by their volvorad car stickerskeep portland weird bumper sticker on volvoa couples hiking boots on the columbia gorgephillip chester photographyrad couple overlooks the summit of the columbia gorgeportland photographer photographs couple at gorge summitportland photographer photographs laughing couple at the gorge

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