There’s something really magical about the gorge. It’s beauty is completely overwhelming. Maybe it’s because I’ve only lived here for 2 years but every hike, every trail, every view seems to take my breath away. Nico contacted me a few months ago to say he and his girlfriend were flying in from SLC to spend a few days in the PNW and how he was planning on asking her to marry him while hiking into the one of gorge’s waterfalls. I scouted out a slew of spots and found the perfect location. The day came. When I arrived I saw them getting out of their car and I tried to look like a standard 7am hiker minding my own business as I took off down the trail. We were the only people there that morning which made for an incredibly serene intimate experience. I walked quickly to my hiding spot and waited for Nico to lead his lady to the spot. It’s wild knowing what’s about to go down. Everything went perfect. She obvs said yes. I met up with them after giving them some time to soak up the moment, and we explored the magic land for some portraits. Enjoy. Press Play.   [audio:] Portland-Proposal-Gorge 1Portland Oregon Engagement PhotographerPortland-Proposal-Gorge 3Portland Oregon Engagement Photographer 01Portland-Proposal-Gorge 5Portland-Proposal-Gorge 6Portland Oregon Engagement Photographer 02Portland-Proposal-Gorge 8Portland-Proposal-Gorge 9Portland-Proposal-Gorge 10Portland Oregon Engagement Photographer 03Portland-Proposal-Gorge 12Portland-Proposal-Gorge 13Portland-Proposal-Gorge 14Portland-Proposal-Gorge 15Portland-Proposal-Gorge 16Portland-Proposal-Gorge 17Portland-Proposal-Gorge 18Portland Oregon Columbia Gorge Proposal 03Portland-Proposal-Gorge 20Portland-Proposal-Gorge 21Portland-Proposal-Gorge 22Portland-Proposal-Gorge 23Portland-Proposal-Gorge 24Portland-Proposal-Gorge 25Portland-Proposal-Gorge 26Portland-Proposal-Gorge 27Portland-Proposal-Gorge 28Portland-Proposal-Gorge 29Portland-Proposal-Gorge 30Portland-Proposal-Gorge 31Portland-Proposal-Gorge 32

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