Welp wedding season is definitely in full effect and theres less and less free days on the calendar this summer. I don’t mean that in a negative way however. I’m insanely grateful for it. I remember how nervous I was packing up my life and moving to a state where I knew absolutely no one. But this city is a perfect fit. Somehow people managed to find me out here and connect and I’ve been able to seamlessly transition. I guess its because it just feels like home here. I’m so grateful for that. Aside from weddings and engagements, I’ve been building another business with some amazingly talented individuals. I walked into a floral shop one day on a whim, fell in love with the store and connected with the owner Jill, asking if she was ever down to collaborate on a project, that’d be awesome. She got back to me mega quick and said had some ideas and also wanted to bring along her ultra talented friend Kate, who’s a stylist and jewelry designer here in Portland. 3 weeks later we threw together our first shoot. In a few weeks we’ll be launching our site. I’m pretty damn crazy excited about it. Our focus will be on fashion/editorial photography, styling, and story/concept creation. It’s fun to keep things fresh. It’s fun to have multiple outlets for your media, whether it be the amazing couples I document, or a look book for a rad new clothing shop, it’s incredibly fulfilling. So thankful for this city letting me come in from out of town and create. Below are a few teasers from our shoots thus far, and plenty more to come.   Stay tuned.  

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