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At Home // An Intimate Workshop

At Home // An Intimate Workshop


APRIL 23+24

Currently taking requests for adding a second workshop date. Shoot me an email at Phil@PhilChester.com if you’re interested!!

Heck Yeah, we’re back for ROUND 2! This time we’re adding an extra day!

Sara and I have brewed up a brand new kind of workshop and we couldn’t be more stoked on it. You’ll join us in our new home in Northeast Portland for a family style, intimate workshop, limited to only 10 spots. The focus of the At Home Workshop will be on the one thing thats most important as a photographer, creating incredible, unique, personal images and running a thriving business.

Join us Day ONE for an epic welcome dinner at our home. We’ll dine and hang and go over some of the techniques that we’ll be using the next day during our shoots including how to use cues with your couples that pair with your personality and theirs, must have shots for a complete sets for weddings and engagements, and how we mentally prep to get the images we want.

Day TWO there will be 3 shoot locations, including our backyard cabin (its forking cute) our airbnb and we’ll head out to one of our favorite locations in the Columbia River Gorge for sunset shooting some super rad couples. Heck yes.

April 23+24 2019 // PORTLAND OR

We’re going to spend a couple days working on what it is that matters most, taking incredible photos. Keeping the group to a maximum 10 attendees, we’re going to be all hands on deck, all day. Shooting two intimate shoots, one in our backyard cabin, one in our airbnb and one out in nature at one of our favorite locations in the Gorge. It’s going to be nuts. 


THREE LIVE SHOOTS! You’ll get to watch up close and personal how we shoot, as we explain our thought + shooting process, breaking down a composition, finding a balance between subject and scene, and getting our subjects really comfortable and able open up in front of the camera. Then its your turn. Instead of just letting you fire away, while we give you immediate feedback on the images you’re taking, real time. Real progress. Real awesome. After each shoot we’ll have a group chat about what went well, what we need to work on and how we can get better for the next shoot. This is seriously the secret to improvement. Figure out what your weak spots are and work on that!!



We’ll be editing the images from the day together as well so you’ll see how we cull a session, what we look for in a solid set and how we process them for different lighting scenarios. If you’re working on getting your editing tones right, we’ll get you going in the right direction. All attendees will receive Phil Chester’s Lightroom Presets  as well as Sara’s Lady Byrne Presets.



Bring a list of every question you’ve ever had and we’ll talk through it as a group and get to the bottom of it. This is all about you so nothing is off the table.


Here’s What A Few Of Last Years Attendees Had To Say:

Carly Kolodziej // @carly_k_photography

“If you’re on the fence about attending the at home intimate workshop, in the words of NIKE, just do it!! I walked away with amazing content, great connections, and a full heart (and stomach). Phil and Sara answer any and all questions and offer constructive criticism. The locations were gorgeous and actually “picture perfect”! Keeping it to ten people was great, you got to meet everyone and have your voice heard. PLUS it’s an excuse to visit to Portland!”


Georgia Fox // @georgiafoxphotography

“If you are wondering whether you should attend phil & sara’s intimate workshop you definitely should. This was my first workshop ever and it was such an unreal experience. Both phil and sara are extremely kind and awesome people and the day ran so smoothly. Because of how small it is we all got a chance to really chat with each other and get to know each other while also discussing how to improve in all aspects of photography and business. 
The lessons I learned at this workshop are lessons I will treasure for the rest of my life. There are things about shooting couples that had never even occurred to me before and Phil & Sara brought so much to light for me. They make such an unreal team and are amazing teachers. The things that I learned at the workshop I honestly probably couldn’t have learned anywhere else. There are certain things that online workshops just can’t teach you.
To conclude, Sara and Phil are great and learning from them is an experience I will treasure forever. Their hospitality and kindness was also unreal. So yeah go attend this workshop.”


Raya Jade // @princessraya

An intimate workshop with Phil and Sara isn’t just a class, but an invitation into their world. As a wedding photographer just starting out I sometimes feel like I’m standing in front of a giant mountain of information and rules and gear and marketing and editing and and…it’s daunting! Phil and Sara may seem to be already confidently sticking their flags at the top of this photography mountain, but the minute you arrive they will greet you as close friends, give you whatever leg up or secret tip you might need to join them at the top, and you will stand there looking out at all your possibilities with a thousand new eyes. This is all to metaphorically say, sign up for their workshop right now! You won’t regret it! Their patience, humor, knowledge, and enthusiasm will make you feel alive with new excitement and techniques, and will definitely make you a more confident photographer. Besides, they’ll probably let you pet their cats. That’s a big enough selling point as it is, right?




WHEN AND WHERE? April 23, 2019 we’re having you over for dinner at our place! We’ll dine and chat about some of the more technique side of things from how to cue your couples based on your personality to composition and building a complete set. April 24th, 2019 is all about shooting. We’ll spend most of the day at our new home, with shoots in our backyard cabin and airbnb before we head out to the magical Columbia River Gorge for the last sunset shoot.
HOW MUCH IS THIS? It’s $1500 and we’re capping it at 10 attendees max to keep things as intimate as possible
WHERE SHOULD I STAY? Attendees are responsible for their own transportation and accommodation. There’s a ridiculous amount of cheap airbnb’s in the area. Our home is located in NE Portland, if you’re looking on airbnb search for the Alberta Arts District or Mississippi, N Williams neighborhoods. We’ll have a private facebook group for you and other attendees to coordinate travel/lodging if you want to save on a space.


WHAT ARE THE SHOOT LOCATIONS LIKE? We have an adorable backyard cabin with a mini kitchen, living area, and loft space, camp vibes! We’ll also shoot in our bright and minimalist airbnb to give you another good feel for shooting intimate images in a clients home. The last location will be out in open nature at one of our favorite locations in the gorge. 
HOW DO I GET THERE? If flying, you’ll fly to PDX Airport, only a 15 minute drive from our neck of the woods. You can rent a car if you want but our neighborhood is super walkable and full of access to Portlands best bars, restaurants, shops etc. Super easy to get around on foot.
WHAT FOOD IS INCLUDED? The welcome dinner on Day One will be provided. Day Two we’ll make you your favorite espresso drink in the mornin’ in the cabin and provide an awesome lunch. While we’ll have snacks available throughout the day, attendees are responsible for their own breakfast and dinner on day two.


WHAT SHOULD I BRING? All the camera gear you want to shoot with, laptop, weather appropriate clothing, an open mind 🙂
IS IT REFUNDABLE? While your spot is not refundable it is transferable to someone else if you can’t make it.
WILL THERE BE CATS? YES! You get to meet our children!