Well, it’s been a few months since I’ve blogged a wedding. This summer was better+busier than I ever expected. So now as I’m catching up, I have so much to share! Thea and Colin’s Oregon wedding was just perfect. A perfect summer day in the Pacific Northwest. A beautiful , small, intimate gathering really allows for everyone to connect and fully be present throughout the day. Two ultra kind souls, madly in love, surrounded by incredible family and friends with the highest of spirits. Set deep in the beautiful location of a private farm outside of Portland. I mean, did you see that light!? As you scroll below, you’ll see the magic as it unfolded. One of those perfect days. Thea+Colin. This wedding was also featured on the wonderful Green Wedding Shoes! Head over their to learn more about their day. Press play. [audio:http://www.philchester.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/01-The-Wider-Sun1.mp3]  

Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-39Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-37Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-86SoundSlide003SoundSlide001Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-18Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-6Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-7SoundSlide004SoundSlide005Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-23Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-45Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-83Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-99SoundSlide006Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-112SoundSlide007SoundSlide009Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-122SoundSlide011SoundSlide012Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-41SoundSlide013SoundSlide014Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-204Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-213Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-152Oregon Wedding Photographer 01Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-215SoundSlide016Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-242SoundSlide017SoundSlide051SoundSlide015SoundSlide018Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-308Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-337Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-344Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-320SoundSlide020SoundSlide022SoundSlide023Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-309Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-318Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-324Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-345SoundSlide021Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-339Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-340SoundSlide024Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-367Oregon Wedding Photographer 02Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-390SoundSlide025SoundSlide026Oregon Wedding Photographer 03SoundSlide028SoundSlide031SoundSlide029SoundSlide030Oregon Wedding Photographer 04Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-396SoundSlide032Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-435Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-430SoundSlide034SoundSlide036SoundSlide035Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-438SoundSlide037SoundSlide038SoundSlide039SoundSlide040Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-513Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-511Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-519Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-516Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-520SoundSlide041Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-523Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-517SoundSlide042SoundSlide043Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-558Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-557Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-548Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-545SoundSlide044SoundSlide048SoundSlide049Thea+Colin Wedding WEB-461SoundSlide046SoundSlide050SoundSlide045SoundSlide047     Event Planner: Prost To The Host Vintage Rentals: Something Borrowed // Portland

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