California just rules. It just does. Something about that light, those hills, those sunsets that just gets me. I had the privledge of heading down to LA a few weeks ago to shoot portraits of Nancy and Trenton around their hood. Here’s a few frames from the day. Crazy excited to shoot their LA wedding next year.   Nancy+Trenton   Press Play. [audio:]  

Nancy+Trenton Engagement-2NancyTrentLA001NancyTrentLA003NancyTrentLA002Nancy+Trenton Engagement-35Nancy+Trenton Engagement-39Nancy+Trenton Engagement-52Nancy+Trenton Engagement-55Nancy+Trenton Engagement-58Nancy+Trenton Engagement-59Los Angeles Engagement Session 01NancyTrentLA004Nancy+Trenton Engagement-72Los Angeles Engagement Session 02Los Angeles Engagement Session 03NancyTrentLA005NancyTrentLA006NancyTrentLA007

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