March 8, 2016

Love In Paris // Aurore+Jean Philippe

Paris Engagement Session

Paris, one of the most romantic cities on earth. I had the opportunity to photograph these two babes on one of my last days in town. We started in their apartment and roamed around some of their favorite nearby streets. The beauty of shooting in a couples home is that it’s easier to see their true selves in the images. Surrounded by the chaos, their belongings and memories printed and hung on their walls. There’s way more personality and depth to photos where they wake up and go to bed together. It’s beautiful. Aurore+Jean-Philippe.Paris Engagement Session-032 002 Paris Engagement Session-017 Paris Engagement Session-028 Paris Engagement Session-021 Paris Engagement Session-012 Paris Engagement Session 004 Paris Engagement Session-014 003



Beautiful moments that were beautifully captured. Amazing work.

16:43 March 8, 2016

Antonio Malaga


17:46 March 8, 2016


Killing it!!

19:40 March 8, 2016

Chantel Marie

SO stunning! The tones are perfection and everything timeless.

02:49 March 14, 2016

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