March 24, 2016

Guatemala Wedding / Rachael+Jason

You might remember these two babes from their Antigua engagement photos. Well their wedding was nothing short of magical. Set on the beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, their wedding felt remote and as connected to nature as it gets. Laid back, huge hearts, these were my kind of people.  Rachael+Jason. Also, check out their story over on Green Wedding Shoes !

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Venue: Isla Verde

Wedding Dress: Hermione de Paula

Hair: Cellar Door Salon and Studio

Makeup: Sheyssa Rasado



Gorgeous! What beautiful captures and love.

18:28 March 24, 2016

mallory leasure

amazeballs. love you and your incredible talent.

20:55 March 24, 2016



23:03 March 24, 2016

Keegan Cronin

I love this dude!

07:08 March 25, 2016

Daniel Lopez Perez

Beautiful wedding & work. Love this amazing lake!

13:03 March 26, 2016


These are so good man. so good.

02:35 April 20, 2016

Kate Holland

This is incredible!

05:55 April 24, 2016


Your photography is absolutely stunning. So very inspiring!

14:02 May 12, 2016

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