Guatemala Wedding Photographer

I had the absolute honor of traveling to Guatemala to document Jason and Rachael’s week long wedding celebration. It’s so interesting being a wedding photographer brought in to this tight family/friend dynamic, hired to document this intimate event. Being tossed into decades of history between them and and their loved ones, and to witness how amazing it is to simply bring together the people you love in one place.  That place happened to be Guatemala. A place incredibly special to Rachael and Jason. We spent our first few days in the city of Antigua as guests started to trickle in, so we made the most of it; a portrait session at sunrise to capture the calm beauty of the empty streets.   Guatemala Wedding PhotographerGuatemala Wedding Photographer 02Guatemala Wedding 71Guatemala Wedding 53Rachel+Jason-1Guatemala Wedding 13Guatemala Wedding PhotographerGuatemala Wedding 18Guatemala Wedding 19Guatemala Wedding 21Guatemala Wedding 24Guatemala Wedding 22Guatemala Wedding 36Guatemala Wedding 42Guatemala Wedding 51Guatemala Wedding 44Guatemala Wedding 50Guatemala Wedding 55Guatemala Wedding 56Guatemala Wedding 58Guatemala Wedding 60Guatemala Wedding 61Guatemala Wedding 64Guatemala Wedding 65Guatemala Wedding 59Guatemala Wedding 67Guatemala Wedding 70Guatemala Wedding 68Guatemala Wedding 74Guatemala Wedding 75

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