We’re wedding photographers. Some of us shooting 40+ weddings a year. With 2012 coming to an end me and my friend Claire, decided to put together a trip to allow us a break from wedding-ing. It’s amazing to hit the road, with a car full of talent and jokes, no expectations, knowing you’re going to see some amazing things, and knowing there is nothing you have to shoot. We spend so much money attending workshops and seminars instead of just getting out there. Exploring destinations we’ve never laid eyes on except for what google images has for us. Claire and I were ultra stoked to bring Jeramie and Chantal along as well. Whether it was late night dive taqueria joints or pulling off the side of the road to start a dance party under the Texas starlight, it was non-stop refreshing. We flew into Denver, then drove to Raton, NM and stayed at Claires family’s epic cabin on top of a mountain. Then headed to Truth or Consequences, Santa Fe, Carlsbad Caverns, and ending in the magical Marfa, TX. A much needed trip. Impossible Project also sponsored us, and we will be doing a large post with our images we got using their graciously donated film once we get the official website up and running. Anyways…here’s a few images I grabbed from those 5 days of awesomeness.   Oh also, on our last day in Marfa, we all split up on bikes to go on our own little photo assignments and I found this guy chilling outside his home listening to Fever Ray and reading Mark Twain. I asked him if I could photograph him in his home. He let me. He’s a music producer. That explains the series of random dude images.  

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