These two. Oh these two. Magic.

  A year ago around this time, I was still living in Ohio and had made up my mind that I wanted to move to Portland. It’s 2013. Here I am. It’s wild how you much you grow and change within just a years time with a very very simple goal; move to Portland, make it work. The people I’ve met along the way have shaped and have had such a huge impact on this transition. These two had an impact. If you don’t know Andria, well she’s a badass photographer. CJ is a badass drummer. They’re not engaged….yet. They live in Seattle. CJ is from Portland so that made this shoot even more special. They’re incredible humans. Just look at how well they fit each other. It’s crazy. It’s always fun to shoot other creatives people. Theres that extra element that makes you feel the need to push yourself is mixed in. I had been wanting to shoot these two as soon as I found out they were dating and the time had finally come. What better way to kick off 2013 than a shoot around Portland, in studio, out on the streets with two rockstars.  

Andria+CJ ladies and gentlemen.

Andria Lindquist Engagement-001-2 Andria Lindquist Engagement-001-3 Andria Lindquist Engagement-007 Andria Lindquist Engagement-009 Andria Lindquist Engagement-010 Andria Lindquist Engagement-001 Andria Lindquist Engagement-003 Andria Lindquist Engagement-011 Andria Lindquist Engagement-008 Andria Lindquist Engagement-015 Andria Lindquist Engagement-018 Andria Lindquist Engagement-002


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