June 26, 2013

What are you going to do with your photos?

It seems like a really silly question. But I’m just curious. These are images from one of the most important days of your life. For some, simply printing a few 4×6’s and maybe an 8×10 to frame on their wall is enough, and that’s totally fine. I just got to thinking about my parents, and how most of our parents have stacks and stacks of photo albums, which they’ve compiled with actual photographs over our lifetimes. Passed down for generations. Telling the story of the current moment. It’s so wonderful to flip back and experience. Digital technology has arrived and we’ve moved naturally to the convenient form of social media and digital photo albums to display and share our memories. But there’s just something about turning the phsyical pages of an album. The heavy weight of the paper. The smell. Holding tangible items to me, out weighs clicking a mouse through an online photo gallery. A lot of us have 1000’s upon 1000’s of photos on their hard drives just sitting there, lost in folders buried within folders within folders. Why let your wedding images add to the stack? Hard drives eventually fail. Computers get replaced. Technology evolves all the time. Albums are timeless.  Let me design something beautiful for you.



Craig Flood

That looks great Phil! Amazing wedding 2! .... Stump town on Hawthorne???

13:43 June 27, 2013

Whitney Darlign

Gorgeous design!! Nice work.

18:47 July 6, 2013


These images are breathtaking Phil! You are so right about the "feeling" of holding an album in your hand. It is special and this one brought tears to my eyes. I LOVE it!!!

10:34 July 29, 2013


ummmm AMAZING.

13:55 August 5, 2013

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