Well Canon finally did it, the 5D Mark IV is finally here. I’m really excited about this thing and the depth of what it can do. While actually processing these photos has been put on hold until the adobe people can catch up, I’m blown away with what’s happening SOOC (straight out of camera). A lot of people are asking about what’s actually improved in the Mark IV and I’m here to say, it’s kind of everything I actually care about. Dynamic Range, huge ISO improvement, auto focus is money, and above all, the color is insane. I can finally hang up my 5D classic and 5D3 combo. The biggest difference is how accurate the skin tones are, the color is spot on, almost cinematic.

5D Mark IV Review

The above SOOC jpeg above was shot at f/2.5 @1/200sec and ISO 2500 on the 35mm f/1.4L

Biggest First Impressions:

ISO: Without testing the raw processing it’s honestly a bit hard to tell, and I’ve heard some people say they’re shooting at over 12000 ISO with no problem. After shooting a wedding this weekend pushing the limits of not using a flash, I can report that 8000 ISO is kind of my limit. I’m basing this off the jpeg preview of course but it appears that the images really start to loose detail and look a bit destroyed at 10,000. I’m definitely not complaining as 3200 was the Mark III’s limit for me. Just make sure you nail exposure, I can’t image trying to recover an under exposed crazy high ISO image.

Auto Focus: I never really had problems with focus in the past with the Mark III so I can’t tell what everyone’s freaking out over but I can say that it definitely focuses way faster in low light situations.

Dynamic Range: Again, I’ll report back once I can process the raws but just from what I’m seeing in these JPEG previews, it’s nuts. Waaaaay more information and detail in the blacks, even when shooting in minimal light.

Skin Tone + Color: The closest thing I’ve seen to the magical original 5D Classic, which I would use a ton in good light under 400 ISO just because the skin tones were so on point. This camera is amazing when set on AWB at keeping the tones true to life. I can see my post processing time is going to be cut down quite a bit from now on.

Build/Feel/Experience: Maybe I’m crazy but it feels slightly lighter than the Mark III but the exact same overall feeling in your hands. Which is great, there’s no “getting used to” transitioning to shooting with this.

Touch Screen Focus: Really impressive. I do a bit of live view shooting when doing details or overhead photos where I don’t have the best view of the LCD. You can now tap on where you want to focus, recompose the image (the camera tracks the subject you tapped on whether that be a face or a wine glass), focus and snap the shot.

As soon as adobe updates their software I’ll be demo-ing on here some editing before and afters and go into what needed (if necessary) to change from the way I process my Mark III files.

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