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Palm Springs // This Fall

Sara and I are brewing up a brand new kind of workshop and we couldn’t be more stoked on it. Completely hands on. Zero boring keynote presentations where you sit in a dark room for the majority of the day. Awesome shoots. Palm Springs. Yes. Be the first to know about the upcoming PS Workshop by signing up for the mailing list.


Wedding Photography Workshops

Listen, sometimes you just hit a wall. You know your work can be better, but you just don’t know how. You want to close that gap from what you know you want and where you’re currently at. Let’s jump start that process together. I’ve been teaching workshops, conferences and one on one sessions for the past two years and know how much an outside opinion and an intimate learning environment can help. Nothing is off the table, seriously. We’ll go over whatever it is that’s on your mind. Some big topics we can crush are but absolutely not limited to:

•Creating your own presets

•Making a pricing guide that works for you

•How to get natural and REAL reactions from your couples by NOT posing them

•Constructive Criticism on anything from your website, images, pricing pdf, etc

•Workflow, breaking down the what, how, why and when of the programs I use.

•SEO + Branding // What you can do NOW to stand out in a sea of photographers


If you can’t make it out to Portland, or simply want a couple hours of one on one time, we can do that! Thanks to technology! Sessions are $250 an hour and we can cover literally anything you want from working on your editing presets to constructive criticism on your images, website, branding, etc. Seriously nothing is off the table. 
Literally, a personal workshop, dialed in just for you hosted here in Portland. There’s nothing like getting undivided attention in a learning environment. I have a set list of things we can go over if you open to learning anything and all things but we can dial it in to exactly what you’re looking to get out of our day together. Anything from in depth editing, preset making, workflow, branding, SEO, shooting, working with a couple. We’d also have a rad couple to shoot somewhere beautiful where we can work together to strengthen any aspects you’re wanting to improve upon. One on One workshops are $1,500 and run 6-7 hours.