[audio:http://www.philchester.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/1.mp3|titles=1]So when they asked me to photograph their wedding in Seattle, I knew I was going to have an incredible experience but had no idea how incredible. My day started out perfect. And that feeling didn’t go away for one second over the next 4 days. I drove in from the airport under the most wonderful sunshine, Beach House playing on the radio, on my way to meet this couple to shoot some portraits before their wedding the next day. Until this weekend, I thought I knew what love felt like, I thought I knew what it looked like. And maybe I did to a degree but this was not like anything I had witnessed before. The moment Shane and Kayla walked up to me at the Pike Market, smiles on both of their faces, I could feel this powerful connection radiating from both of them. I knew there was something more intense here than I had felt before. Inbetween the constant Portlandia references and extreme scenario jokes, I simply shot quietly, snapping away at this couple. And I know all of my Seattle friends will make fun of me for shooting at such “typical” “touristy” spots, but they were all new to me and it so didn’t matter with this couple, they could have been anywhere. A lot of times I’ll coach couples a little into where to stand or where to put their hands if it’s looking awkward or something, not with Shane and Kayla, everything was so natural. So perfect. I think this is what love looks like.

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