April 29, 2015

An Honest Love // Jazmine+Kyle // Intimate Couples Photos

I’m going to be vulnerable for a minute or two so bare with me.

I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions recently. Why am I doing what I’m doing? I have complete freedom in this world to do whatever the hell I want to so is this it? Does this truly make me happy? Not just content but is what I’m doing make me excited to be alive? Am I being honest with myself? I always fear falling into a rhythm of complacency of settling for a life that’s just…fine.

Is it wrong to want to merge this business with my personal life? Why can’t I separate the business side of things and the need to be completely fulfilled from the same thing. Yes, these images are for my couples but there’s such a huge part of me that wants it to be a reflection of myself as well. Showing two people in love but at the same time what’s going on in my own heart. It’s how I see the world and I can’t hide that. How do I merge running a business but at the same time filling the personal satisfaction of creating something that resonates with my core?

I’ve found that I’m most excited when couples truly let me in. Photographing the honest true love between two people is what keeps me in this industry. I don’t have a scholarly vocabulary and I wish I had other words besides honest, true, real, intimate. I think they get tossed around a lot trying to describe a style or a mood. I’m not saying I’ve figured anything out other than what I’m drawn to and want to explore more. I want to explore what happens when no ones looking, the actual reason two people can’t be apart from each other. It’s not about the actual wedding or what magical place we travel to shoot, it’s about the reason they’ve made that decision. That they sorted through life and said, no one else but you. It’s so damn beautiful. I want that. It’s what get’s me excited to wake up each day and try harder. I think it could be out of envy, when I see couples who are so on fire together that they make everyone around them want to be a better version of themselves. Couples who are so in tune to each other, that they almost speak a different language. It’s so damn inspiring. It’s what I want most in my life. I want to have what they have. And I want to show them what they have so they’ll never forget how fucking lucky they are.

Jazmine and Kyle are those kind of people. So honest and open with each other you can tell they share a magical kind of trust and love that bonds their hearts. I spent an afternoon with them in their home listening to Marty Robbins, drinking champagne, and exploring what connects them both as humans. It was beautiful. These images are to remind them of what they have, remind me of what’s possible and to show the world what I want to shoot more of.

Jazmine+Kyle-3 Jazmine+Kyle-4Jazmine+Kyle-14Intimate Couples Photos 04 Jazmine+Kyle-47 Jazmine+Kyle-5Jazmine+Kyle-35AA009AA008Jazmine+Kyle-54Jazmine+Kyle-65Jazmine+Kyle-95AA007Jazmine+Kyle-49Jazmine+Kyle-70Jazmine+Kyle-83Jazmine+Kyle-67Jazmine+Kyle-86Jazmine+Kyle-94Jazmine+Kyle-105Jazmine+Kyle-97Jazmine+Kyle-107Intimate Couples Photos 02Jazmine+Kyle-122Jazmine+Kyle-123Jazmine+Kyle-116Intimate Couples Photos 01Jazmine+Kyle-143Jazmine+Kyle-137Jazmine+Kyle-146Intimate Couples PhotosJazmine+Kyle-134Jazmine+Kyle-132Jazmine+Kyle-164Jazmine+Kyle-151Jazmine+Kyle-155Jazmine+Kyle-136Jazmine+Kyle-130AA004Jazmine+Kyle-128Intimate Couples Photos


Tara kneiser

Perfect. Every bit of it.

13:59 April 29, 2015

Becky c

these photos left me speechless. Such intimacy and honesty. Well done!

14:04 April 29, 2015


I've been thinking these same thoughts but from a different perspective. I loved this post and the images, great work.

14:18 April 29, 2015


Beautifully written and photographed friend.

14:37 April 29, 2015

Ken Clunk

Next. Level. Legit.

15:15 April 29, 2015


"No one else but you" Truly beautiful. Very inspirational post and incredible imagery.

16:00 April 29, 2015

Joe St.Pierre

These are absolutely stunning, Phil. I'm in awe!

16:31 April 29, 2015


Wow Phil Chester. This is a game changer of a session. Thank you for your openness and your vulnerability. It's inspiring to hear you speak so honestly.

17:02 April 29, 2015

Heather Gemmer

I was completely moved....by your words and how you see this love. You're a singular human being, Phil.

22:49 April 29, 2015


I'm in love with these and you are officially my fave! Bravo!

06:54 April 30, 2015


stunning portraits!

11:11 April 30, 2015


Nice pictures!

17:19 April 30, 2015


So very nice & sweet. Very good work !

18:43 April 30, 2015

Lucas Mobley

Beautifully done Phil. I appreciate your words. I've had some of the same thoughts and feelings recently, so your post rings true to me. It's wonderful to see you translating all of that internal searching into heart felt images.

18:50 April 30, 2015


A stunning couple and images that truly capture their connection. As much as I love my husband, I have never felt the type of true connection as you were able to capture here. It is truly beautiful.

19:53 April 30, 2015


I can't find right words for what I have in my mind after watching these. Magic, true photography of emotions. I love it, thank you for sharing.

20:27 April 30, 2015

Jessika P.

You moved me with your words but these images really made me feel that love, beautifull work.

21:42 April 30, 2015

Chio Garcia

Lovely pictures!!

02:07 May 1, 2015


Damn Man. You nailed it! Love your text and the pictures fit to it just perfect! Great work!

09:56 May 1, 2015


Been having this exact internal debate way too much lately. Thanks so much for writing and posting.

14:50 May 1, 2015


So perfect!! Very inspiring images & words! <3 Thanks for sharing your passion!

15:17 May 1, 2015


love the tones and love this set excellent work Phil

18:47 May 8, 2015


Such vulnerability through out this post. Vulnerable thoughts expressed, vulnerable love captured. This is human and beautiful and a joy to see.

16:29 May 19, 2015

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